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  • Daddy Issues Trailer and Upcoming dates

      1/29 QED Astoria 2/4 Flying Monkey Theater, Huntsville, AL 2/6 Amurica, Memphis, TN

  • Upcoming Storytelling Class – August 9

    I’m teaching another Storytelling Bootcamp through The New York School of Burlesque. Bring a story to work on or a bunch of ideas to be turned into a story. 3hours. $45. It’s a pretty good deal. Class size is limited. Registration information is here.

  • DADDY ISSUES at The 2014 Edmonton International Fringe Festival

    DADDY ISSUES at The 2014 Edmonton International Fringe Theater Festival Venue #3 – Walterdale Theater – $10 – NO LATE SEATING Saturday Aug 16 – 4:45pm Monday  Aug 18 – 9:15pm Tuesday Aug 19 – 3:00pm Wednesday Aug 20 – 11:59pm Thursday Aug 21 – 7:00pm Friday     Aug 22 – 5:00pm Saturday Aug […]

  • The BTGay Band Returned.

      We got back onstage after 6 months off for our annual BTGay PRIDE show. We started off with this cover of “Wig in a Box” from Hedwig. We cut the bridge because we couldn’t figure out the chords. It was fun. Cancerface messed up the “Midwest Midnight Checkout Queen” line. You can see him […]