3 Agueros

“Then there was our M.C., Peter Aguero, a Moth star: 35 years old, six foot three, some 400 pounds of wit and anger and repartee and a voice like velvet and beer.” – Joan Juliet Buck, NY Times 


“If any of you were at my Brooklyn OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE event, or at any of the Heart Shaped Tour storytelling gigs, Peter was the MC. He was the big one you probably fell in love with because he has a heart the size of the world.” – Neil Gaiman


“I just got home from another Unchained Tour with a heartbreakingly beautiful posse of raconteurs plus musician plus crew, and I’ll be saying something about them all soon—but let me just ask now: how the hell does Peter Aguero do what he does? He had Nashville sobbing over the death of his mother-in-law; then three nights later he had Oxford Miss in tears of bliss with his weird booming tale of diarrhea on a train. He has the presence of a grizzly bear, but his mental agility reminds me of a spider monkey, launching from branch to branch. God bless this man.”
—George Dawes Green, Moth Founder