the BTK band

The BTK Band is NYC’s Hardest-Drinking Improvised Storytelling Rock Band.

Storytellers join the band as temporary guest singers while the band improvises music to score the story. We turn a story into a song.

The BTK Band got their start at The Stonewall Inn in 2007 and performed regularly around NYC, including a 4 year residence at Under St Marks Theatre, until December 2013. Now on an extended hiatus, The BTK Band lies crouched in the bushes, waiting to spring at a moment’s notice.

The Band:
Peter Aguero – Lead “Vocals”
The Pope of Ropy Popy, Mr. Face From Dallas, Texas, Rory David Scholl – Lead Guitar
Margot “The Grabber” Bercy – Percussion/Vocals
“Tennessee Senator” Ian Campbell Dunn – Guitar/Bass
Jeff “Cancerface” Scherer – Guitar/Bass/Mandolin
Sir Alex Gallafent – Drums/Trumpet
Handsome Brad Lawrence – Harmonica

Link to a gallery of photos from our final show

Knowing is Half The Battle – The BTK Band & Mike Soviero

Swimming In Savannah – The BTK Band & Edgar Oliver

Common People

Past Band Members:

Sharon “FiFi” Fogarty
Tiny Little Jenna Brister
Elizabeth Blue
Young Nelson Walters
John Provan
Rick Hip Flores
Daniela Schiller
Eric March
Leslie Goshko
Adam Wade
John Gullo
Damien Pratt
Joe Yoga
Jamie Neumann
Phil Zuckerman
John J Masino III

GoGo by The BeauTKs:

Amelia Bareparts
Cherry Pitz
Bunny Buxom
Dandy Dillinger
Little Motown
Cliff Hanger
Dottie Dynamo
Cheri Cola
Charles Stunning
Hard Corey
Clara Coquette
Kat Mandu
Poison Ivory
Pam Demonium
Dangrrr Doll
Apathy Angel
Boo Bess
Lucille Ti Amore
Sara G
Magdalena Fox
Mary Cyn
Kristen Lee
Scooter Pie
Veronica Vroom!
Evelyn Vinyl
Melody Jane
Brief Sweat
Lady Scoutington
Bird of Paradise

Guest Singers:

Jen Lee
Jim O’Grady
Diana Spechler
Ophira Eisenberg
Adam Wade
Sara Peters
Seth Lind
Cyndi Freeman
Andy Christie
Corn Mo
Veronica Varlow
Carter Edwards
John Flynn
Sharon Spell
Jenna Brister
Leslie Goshko
Tracy Rowland
Joanne Solomon
Greg Triggs
George Dawes Green
Michelle Carlo
Penny Pollak
Killy Dwyer
Sara Gaddis
Mike Ogletree
Sarah Rainone
Jackson McKeehan
Aimee Delong
Baby Buxom
Kara Naylor
Tara Clancy
Scout Durwood
David Crabb
Cammi Climaco
Dana Rossi
Alithea Howes
Micaela Blei
Kate Greathead
Andy Ross
Bret Isaacs
Morgan Phillips
Michelle Aguero
Martin Dockery
Bernie Somers
Hillary Brenhouse
Rachel Korowitz
Erin Barker
Burke Hefner
Kate Tellers
Mark Schaffer
Tim Manley
Greg Leitman
Margot Leitman
Mike Soviero
Aaron Wolfe
Dylan Ash
Ed Gavagan
Jamie Cummings
Jen Rawley
John Rawley
Robert Hurst
Elna Baker
Ben Lillie
Daisy Rosario
Starlee Kine
Greg Walloch
Uncle Frank Gauthier
Shannon Cason
Giulia Rozzi
Edgar Oliver
Larry Rosen
Heidi Edsall
Becky Flaum
Joan Juliet Buck
Dawn Fraser
Kathleen Miller
Melanie Hamlett
Juliet Wayne
Your Mom